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To everyone who wrote me about the problems with my plastic surgeon (recap: I had my surgery on Feb. 21 and my plastic surgeon has not seen or talked to me since that day: his Physician's Assistant is seeing me). I wanted to tell everyone what happened: I called the office and was very confrontative: I said that I had talked to many breast cancer organizations (you guys!) who told me that it was not normal for a doctor not to see his own patient for this length of time since surgery, especially since I had a complication (seroma, or fluid-build up). The doctor (reluctantly!) agreed to see me personally every 2 weeks and his P.A. will see me the rest of the time which is acceptable to me. I told the office 'there will be trouble' if he does not see me himself. I am supposed to see him on Friday, so we will see if he actually does see me himself as he said. I will be rabid and contacting this board again if he doesn't!

One more thing/question: when I finally was able to talk to the doctor on the phone, he told me I had to have a minor surgery done to re-attach my drain (it's a long story, but right after I got out of the hospital, I accidentally snapped one of the two drains and then the fluid just kept on draining and had to be aspirated by needle - the doctor said the draining could go on for a long time if they didn't re-attach the drain now). So I had the procedure today and they re-attached it. I wonder: how long do you think they can keep a drain in, and how long does the seroma (fluid build up) go on. Have people experienced these things? Any information would be helpful. Ohilly


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    I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your Dr. I had drains put in when I had my bilateral mastectomy 12/21/08. If memory serves, all 4 drains were out (one at a time) within 6 weeks, without complications.

    I hope this helps a bit. seof
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    Hi Ohilly:
    I am so glad you were more assertive and insisted that the dr should see you. After all he was the one that performed the surgery not his PA. I am so sorry you're having this complication with your surgery. Hopefully, you won't need the drains in for too long. Hope it all works out for you and keep us posted. You're in my prayers. Lili
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    Had a bilateral mast. and my drains were out like 4-6 weeks later, and they did not all come out at the same time.

    Your plastics guy infuriates me. There is a site that you can go to and see if others have complaints and you can leave yours. I refuse to see a PA unless it is just for a check up or family medicine. If I am seriously ill, I pay for the Doc. I refuse to see my oncologists PA. THe fitst thing she said to me when I saw her the first time was that I really did not have cancer (I had DCIS) and should not be concerned with recurrence...uh, hello. I am dealing with that now. But regardless, I came up out of my chair and told her to leave the room. Carcinoma was carcinoma period. So, I had it put in my file, she is never to see me.

    Stand up for your rights honey. Plastics guys tend to kinda not love reconstructs. They are used to a cash business. And because of that they are pretty rich. With us, they have to file insurance, etc. But not for Ms. Gotrocks who wants her face and **** lifted. So, he can be wooing her while the PA is placating you,...and it makes me angry. Here is the link::