Divorce lawyer resources for survivors?

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My brother was dx with brain cancer 2 years ago and his wife left him and took their kids a short while later. She moved in with another guy within a week and got pg right away and gave birth to this other guy's baby. She and my brother have been married this whole time. my brother was hoping they could work things out and she would come back, but with the birth of this other baby has decided it's time to go forward with the divorce. He is broke of course. We are trying to find resources for a lawyer for him. Maybe Pro Bono or willing to give him a discount..? He lives in Georgia near Atlanta.
Any ideas? Help?
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    I dont have any info for you, but i wanted to say that I'm soo sorry he's having to go thru this, and that woman is terrible for treating him like that!! I will pray for you both.
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    Oh my God, that is so sad. I have no idea what your brother must be feeling but his ex must be a horrible, horrible woman. She's a coward. I am so sorry for what your family is going through. Maybe try to find a disability lawyer? I would contact the Americans with Disabilities Act. I hope your brother gets through this soon,
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    There is a cancer legal resource center that you can try. They're kind of hard to get ahold of, but if you're persistant, i'm sure they'll help. The number is: 866-843-2572. Website: www.disabilityrightslegalcenter.org. They are based in Los Angeles, but they may be able to give you contacts in your area.

    What a wicked woman! I hope your brother is doing okay.

    Many hugs,