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I am a prostate cancer survivor. During my diagnosis
and treatment, I recorded a personal journal of my
experiences, free for the downloading. The journal is
sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but mostly
informative for those concerned with sexual
dysfunction and those interested in Watchful Waiting.
On-line prostate support groups and forums helped me
tremendously years ago. I hope this journal, in part,
returns the favor. Here's the link:


  • nodawgs
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    Doc, I read your entire blog and noticed you never built a CSN personal web page. A CSN web page place-holder is still reserved in your screen name, "gizzmo664." If you want to give your blog much better exposure, I'd suggest doing a simple copy/paste into applicable portions of CSN's web page template.

    As to your blog, you made subtle mention your prostate cancer was of the "small cell" variety...meaning, neuroendocrine...a much rarer, aggressive form as opposed to the far more common adenocarcinoma of the prostate. If neuroendocrine was indeed the case, I also do not understand why you were unnecessarily confused by such a wide array of treatment options. As the neuroendocrine form of prostate cancer does not respond to hormone manipulation, treatment options are extremely limited...VERY limited.

    Knowing the above would have at least reduced the mental burden of feeling buried in options by dramatically narrowing your choices. I didn't read anything that indicated you knew the difference between neuroendocrine and adenocarcinoma or took this into consideration when making your treatment decision. Consequently, I'm left wondering if you're much luckier than you realize.

    Wishing You Continued Good Luck,