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I'm 41 and have be diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer stage 4 after 4 chemo treatments i have been put on Tarceva 125mg daily. My question is has anyone been on this drug and had side effects of extreme fatuge. I had the rash and went on anti-bodics, but my fatigue is really bad I want to sleep all the time. Has anyone else had this problem or is this just some depression? Thanks for your help Tipman


  • MadelynJoe
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    Dear Tip:

    I had NSCLC in 2005. I had my lower right lobe removed in June 2005 with great success. The tumor was 2.8 cm and then I underwent 2 adjuvant chemo treatments. All my scans have been clear since that time. Thank God!

    I do not have any experience with Tarceva but I know several people that have taken it. Just try to roll with the flow and do what the oncologist advises and you will do well. I am very sorry that you are experiencing the extreme tiredness with Tarceva. Sometimes, you have to feel bad before you feel good. Many prayers with you for your continued healing and good health.

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    I was diagnosed with non-small cell Lung Cancer stage 1b at Nov 2006. At that time, My doctor didn't suggest chemo because they believed chemo is no use for stage 1b. Now they found out that was a mistake. After 8 month from surgery, my cancer came back and changed to stage 4. Now I am on the Tarceva for seven months. At the begining it had a lot the side effects. Almost same like you have right now. But it went away after 2 or 3 months. I stopped the anti-biotic because it made me weak. I drink the fresh vegetable juice every morning. 2 slice of celery, 1/4 of bell pepper, 1/4 of bitter mellon, 1/4 of cucumber, two carrots and one apple and squeeze the juice. I also have bird nest for my skin. Physically I am doing well at this moment. I also meditate to cool down my memtally. As a non-smoker and eat mostly heathy food, I don't know why I got cancer. I think because I alway wanted to perform the best job and worked long hours and ruimed my body.Hope this help.