CEA and CAT Scan

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Brief History - Dad is stage IV (diagnosed May 2002) - multiple surgeries and treatments. Disease is now in lungs and liver (never returned to colon). Had ct scan done in December (still showed disease) and cea was 30. Latest ct done in February shows no change but cea is now 160. Oncologist says, nothing has changed and is not alarmed by cea number because he believes that the longer you have the disease, the cea number is not as good of a marker. Has anyone heard this before? Any advice would be helpful.



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    I can only speak from what I've heard on other colon cancer message boards, and frequently members say that the CEA is one marker for cancer, but is not always reliable and for some people isn't a good marker at all. I would listen to the oncologist on this one.
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    My oncologist also told me that CEA is just one marker and could be very quirky and not always realiable.