first chemo tomorrow!

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Hi All..
I haven't been on since the first time and thank you all for your encouragement. My first round of FOLFOX is tomorrow. I get to carry my little friend home on a belt I suppose? I'm soooo nervous about what it will feel like, etc. Doc said not too many side effacts, mostly fatigue and cold sensitivity, neuropothy later. I just worry about this first time. I'll take a happy pill first - my Onc Doc said ok. Thanks for listening.
Kathy M


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    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I remember how anxious I was when my husband first started treatment. He did very well. I wish you the same. Keep the faith and keep us posted. God Bless,

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    Hey, Kathy...
    Sending my best...remember to ramp up your fluids...flushes the stuff out of places it doesn't need to be....
    Sending all my good vibes...

    Hugs, kathi
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    I did the folfox treatment - 5FU (I called my pump "George" like on Seinfeld - a little annoying but not so bad. I put it on a stand by the side of my bed and put a pillow over it, couldn't even hear it.) I had a bit of trouble with the chemo - oxaliplatin was my biggest problem, 5F
    U and leukovorin not too bad - they gave me amend, ativan and a pretty heavy duty steriod, and zolfran- the chemo itself was a breeze - the steroid was definitely happy juice. I was tired and so forth for a few days after, but you will get through it. Just keep drinking those fluids - at room temp. for a few days. Best of luck. They sent me home with amend, (for 2 days) zolfran, compazine, ativan and the steroid, be sure to talk to the nurses about what to do for nausea, it took me a few times to find what worked for me. I would definitely recommend amend for the first few days - I actually took some zolfran too, the zolfran without the amend didn't do it for me.
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    I also had the FLOFOX Regime along with the 5FU pump. Sleeping wasn't too bad. I would lay one of those body pillows close to the edge of bed and the pump under it or up against it and would sleep maining on my back. Believe me your mind always reminds you it is there.

    Oxy gave me cold sensitivity issues. My Chemo Nurses told me not to drink or eat anything cold. All drinks were at room temp along with some foods like fruit. Wore gloves when getting items from frig or freezer and if I went outside and it was cold.

    The neuropathy is more cumulative then right away.

    Make sure you let your doctors know of any side effects you may have or if you have any questions. Don't ever hesitate to ask questions no matter how small or stupid you may think.