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I was hoping to hear what other people's experiences were as far as abdominal bloating and back pain prior to diagnosis. I've had pelvic pain on and off for years. My gyn usually attributes it to 3 c-sections with 3 very big babies. Recently I've had some back pain centered on my right side. It's right in the middle of my back, at the bottom of my rib cage. Over the last couple of days I've been really bloated. Yesterday it was so bad I felt like I was 8 months pregnant. Today the bloating is a lot better, though not completely gone. My question is: if you experienced back pain or abdominal bloating prior to diagnosis, was it constant or did it come or go? Like everyone, I hate going to the doctor's office and don't want to go unless I really have to. Thank you in advance for any information you can share.


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    Bloating can be a symptom of ovarian cancer but it can also be a lot of other things or it could be nothing. Just to ease your mind and be on the safe side, make an appointment with your gynocologist and tell him/her your concerns. It will make you feel better to have them tell you it is nothing. Good luck.
  • My back pain was on and off for a while and then about 2 weeks before i got diagnosed it became very consistant. The bloating was constant, i thought i was pregnant. Bloating can be so many other things though! I would make an appointment with your doctor right as soon as possible, make a list questions and suggest tests being done asap. dont look online at websites unless its like this website or the ovarian cancer website because so many of them are fake and will just scare you. but as for the bloating, it can be a million things. please keep us posted! hope this helped somewhat.
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    I agree with Jennarose and Shortstuff. Bloating could be from anything,including IBS,which can mimic ovarian cancer. I had lower back pain for months,and that is why I kept going back to the Dr.,finally I did bloat,it was like overnight I looked pregnant. It did not get better or go away,it got progressivly worse. Go see your Onc,not only about the bloating but the pain as well. Good luck...~~~Joanne
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    Bloating was constant, getting worse as the day went on. My right side pain was in ovary area but mainly up at my rib line on the right side. That came and went but got to where i had it most of the time. By the time I was diagnosed, my cancer had spread to my liver. Get an appointment and have a CA125 blood test ASAP. I was waiting for my regular annual visit.
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