my mom's masectomy

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Hi All,
I am a rectal cancer survivor and my mom just had surgery last Tuesday, modified radical masectomy on the right breast. Just wondering about the drains, she has two and I empty them often. He said about 3 days on one and about a week on the other. She is experiencing a burning sensation at the top of the drains(where they come out of the body). Also some drainage there too. Her doctor is out of town and the attending physician said this is normal. Not that I dont believe him but did anyone experience this, it is always comforting to here from someone who has had a similar situation. You all are great.


  • Did someone look at her or decide over the phone? I never had burning feeling and had no seepage from the wound site. Personal opinion? Seek another opinion. If only it is to hear that everything is fine. It is nice to go to the doctor and hear that!
    love and comfort to you both, team! Joyce
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    I had neither burning nor seepage from the site. Perhaps you could get another opinion, I don't know how easy that would be for her. Sometimes RN's can be as or more helpful. They should know about burning and seepage after surgery. Or maybe the outpatient or emergency dept at a time when they aren't too busy. At least this would give you peace of mind.

    When you're done you can come and be my daughter, you sound wonderful looking after your mom like that. Best wishes to you.
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    I had 4 drains and did not have any burning or leakage. I'd call the 1800-227-2345 the American Cancer line that is 24/7. They are great and can guide you. Angela
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    I had drains with my lumpectomy...never had site troubles...can she go to a clinic somewhere?

    Stay calm, it may be nothing at all...but Monday it might be wise to persue further...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I had minor burning once or twice, but no seepage. The burning I had was mainly days when I was overly active, I think it had to do with the tubes moving a lot, and possibly pulling on the incisions that held them in place. With me the burning stopped in a few minutes. I would definitely recommend having a Dr. actually look at the site, and going to her regular Dr. asap. If there is nothing wrong, you can both relax. If not, you will know what to do.

    Best whishes, seof.
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    hi...i had my right mastectomy last wednesday and I too have some burning at the drain site and also some seepage..not much ..a few drops but the drains come out on tuesday so I'm just dealing with it for now...I know that tuesday isnt far away...hope this helps...God bless your mom.
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    I still have my drain and it's two weeks today. I think the damn thing is almost two feet long and yes, there are burning sensations and "pushing". I did a little stretching and moved the whole thing around! Ouch. I've also has a little leakage and the doc said use a sanitory napkins if it gets too bad. Just keep it clean and dry. good luck