Zometa anyone ever used?

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My boyfriend has stage 4 lung with bone met.His last scans showed the cancer was stable.She is giving him a break from chemo but is starting him on zometa. Has anyone ever used it and did it help with the bone pain.I would really value your experience


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    Hi Dscott, It is my hope you find this reply -- as your question is a few weeks old. I've been treated with Zometa twice and I am about to be infused with it again on this coming Tues.

    Like your Boyfriend I'm also a stage 4 lung cancer patient. My bone mets are in the lumbar and Dorsal spine and at base of skull.

    I just completed 10 days of Radiation for the skull. In fact, my clavicle fractured due to metastesis back in Feb (thats how we learned my lung cancer had spread... when we previously understood from the oncos that it hadn't.) If his bone problems are like mine... where the cancer is inside the bone, zometa therapy should strengthen up the sites enough to keep the bones from fracturing and contain the cancer.

    My oncos are also using Avastin and Gemzar as well in combination, to treat and prevent further spread. Since I'm going back in for more radiation work I'll have to stop those two for about 3 weeks.

    The Radiation is for pain management. Other than that onco's have me on Liquid Morphine and Vicodin for my lower back pain. At least my cancer isn't the problem with my back. =o) but the pain is still debillitating for 1/2 hour a day. Hope some of this helps.