Recurrence in Colon?

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Hi - Short version: Dx'd Stage IV in Feb. '06, Colon tumor multiple liver mets. 6 months FOLFOX + Erbitux. Colectomy + RF to Liver. Chemo through Jan. '07. Recurrence noted Oct. '07 in the colon. Colectomy Oct. '07.

The odd part was the recurrence in the colon, right on the previous surgery site. My surgeon said she could see the suture line on the new tumor. I just had a CT scan and again there is an odd 1.7 cm "prominence" adjacent to the surgery line. I have a PET scan in a week - Docs all say not to worry until then. Yeah, that's easy!

My question is, has anyone on this board experienced one or more recurrences within the colon? My understanding was that this is relatively rare. The good news is that my liver has been clear since the RF in Aug. of '06. Any information, studies or specialists that have dealt with recurrence in the colon would be greatly helpful for me.

Hopefully it's just scar (scare) tissue, but as long as I have a week, might as well do some homework.

Thanks Much!! Eben


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    Hi Eben!
    Your story was like looking in the mirror! I was first dx with colon cancer in 2000 and all was clear for 7 years. In October of 07 I had a recurrence right on the suture line of the first surgery. I've just finished chemo and rad and have just been dx'd with cancer in my gall bladder. I'm having my Pet/Ct next Tuesday. The best of luck to the two of us!

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    I hope you have a wonderful outcome. Let us know after you have the PET scan.
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    Hi there. This beast runs in my family. My aunt had a recurrence right on her suture line as well, and the treatment was the same as the 1st time. I read somewhere that it is not that uncommon for recurrences to be on the surgical site or very near to it.

    I am praying that you are looking at scar tissue. Sending hugs your way,
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    So far no tumor but I have had one negative biopsy in the scar tissue at the site of the original surgery. Two subsequent biopsies of same sight were clean. My oncologist and I are holding are breaths, unsure what to do.
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    Eben, I LOVE your attitude! Scar(e) tissue....what a hoot!

    No, since I was only stage III rectal, I lost the whole rectum...and above it the sigmoid colon, a perfectly good organ, but not good for storage.

    Sending good vibes! Please keep us posted...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi Eben,

    Yes I did have a recurrance but it was attached to the outside of the colon so it did not show during the colonoscopy.. My surgeon told me you rarely have a recurrance in the colon unless they didn't get all of it the first time with clean margins. My 1st diagnosis 2/05 it was in the ascending colon and had gone through the wall into the fatty tissue and 1 lymph node. That's why I've had recurrances. It had already spread and the chemo didn't get it all. I've had 2 resections of the colon now, rectosigmoid and ascending so I'm running out of colon. Hopefully it won't return to either of us. Good Luck and I hope next week brings you good news.
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    hi Eben,

    My oncologist told me that is where the occurences often happen is at the origianl site so he is always very aware of that area looking....

    It's so odd how different onoclogists give us different answers...which makes one wonder....what's the real deal?

    I had a scare once with a cyst that was on my ovary that was adjacent to my original tumor site and that is when he told me that most occurences happen at the original site.

    Hope your news is like mine was---just a scare and nothing more.

    peace, emily