Johns Hopkins-men are different...

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In a recent study, where 100 men and 100 women increased their physical activity to test for CRC 'markers' (don't know what they mean...will find out...CEA?) reduction, the following results were published:
All men who exercised 250 minutes a week had a reduction in potentially cancerous cell growth, and men who exercised longer (300 minutes a week) had twice the reduction in cell proliferation of the control group. Those who increased cardiovascular fitness by at least 5% had more than double the reduction of those who exercised but did not have the same cardiovascular improvements.

However, women in the same study who also exercised or increased cardiovascular fitness did not have notable changes in the markers of cell proliferation.

Hummmmm, either this shows that exercise doesn't affect women, or, more likely, CEA may not be as good a test....

I think we can all agree that exercise is good for everyone, for a myriad of reasons...

Hugs, Kathi