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My husband was just diagnosised with glioblastoma IV. He was treated at one hospital then transfered by ambulamce to a brain and trauma hospital. We are told that it is in his right and left lobes. He had a biopsy that showed nercrosis. It is very deep and crosses and area they can not operate on so it is inopertable. That was 5 weeks ago and this week he starts radiation and Temador. If he does not do this we are told he will only have 3 months, if he does 6-12. How can they tell us a time frame and if the pathology report did not say glio cells but nicrosis how do they know what it is? At times he seems alright and then he will get upset and mad and just stares. I do not understand this emotion thing and them telling him to take one day at a time and they are trying to shrink it but they do not tell him how bad it is they tell me. He stays in bed all day and takes naps he is so tired and losing weight. Help how do I deal with this and treat him, he never was a talker and now has asked me to sleep in another room. Do I just sit in his room during the day? He has no apathy at all. Help


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    I was diagnosed with a mixed glioma in 2001. I was told that it was astrocitoma and olidendraglimo. This is generally a death sentance. I went to U of M medical center in Ann Arbor Michigan and attacked it aggressively. They stated that the difference between myself and other patients is that I had a positive attitude. Just because you a given a specific time to live does not make it so. You need to advise your husband to fight this and become a team with you. Good Luck and my prayers are with you.
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    Treat glioblastoma:
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    I agree with others about fighting, but due to the fact that the tumors are in the Right and left lobe, (Temperal?) that alone will effect his reasoning skills and emotions, It is not easy to talk to someone who cant not reason,
    My mom had Glioblastoma in her Occipical SP? lobe and they removed it 3 times in a year, but it kept coming back then spred to her left temp lobe. She lost the skill to was very hard. If you would like to email from here please do, I know what you are going to face..
    Mom passed away 17 months after DX. She fought with everything they had for her...I know some make it but also know some do not.
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    well my brother has GMBIV he is the same type of man that your husband seems to be, he wouldnt talk about it.and not much of a talker niether and very independent and proud wont ask for help. sound familar.well we all got together as a family and said how are we going to fight this fight and made it clear that we were in this together. and through alot of tears and listening and prayers he started opening up and letting us know how he felt about his illness well he was NO easy nut to crack. but to our surprise he is on his 2nd dose of temadar and doing well the tumor has not shrunk but it has not grown . they gave him 3 months without chemo&rad and up to a year with well they found this in oct2007 and its mar 2008 and hes doing great still fighting .so if you can just keep the lines of communication open and a possitive attitude it really does go a long way.but he needs to join your army and fight the fight with you .you can go to my web page at gary43 and read more about him. my thoughts and prayers are with you both GOD BLESS