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Have any of you ever developed a rash during treatment?

My father had a rash all over his face and body with the first treatment (I think it was 5flu along with an experimantal drug)

He's developing a couple of small redish purple pin-hole-sized spots on his arms and legs with the pill chemo now.

The family doctor told us: what ever happens on the outside happens on the inside.
So have any of you had skin ulcerations or skin rashes?!


  • Monicaemilia
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    I'm on Erbitux and that is a common side effect of the drug. I heard that Vectibix has the same side effects. The good news is that a rash is a positive sign that the drug is working. Monica
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    I am on Erbitux also and have a lovely acne-like rash on my face, hands and back (I feel so attrative). My doctor prescribed Clindamyacin (not sure on spelling) and it definitely helps. I was afraid that I was going through puberty again at 44 when the acne started. My Oncologist did indicate that the rash is a positive sign and she said that she would be worried if I didn't get the rash.

    Hang in there