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Just thought I would drop a note to my family here on what I have been up to lately.

For the newbies, I was DX in July 06 with Stage II Colon Cancer (NO/MO). 1st surery in 7/06, finished chemo in 11/06 and 2nd surgery in 02/07.

I got back to my weight lifting in May 07 and have been going steady since. I am back to bench pressing 135 lbs and bicep curling 30/35 lbs each arm. I continue to also do cardio 4/5 times a week. I love to jog, but my lower back (car accident) doesn't allow me to enjoy it as much as I would like.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on 24 Sept 07 at the Poconos (PA) :):). We plan on going back for short stays every 6 months. Next trip is April 08.

Work has been keeping me very busy by adding more responsibilities, but I keep myself and them in check by taking one day a time and not letting the stress get to me. Everything will be there when I return the next day. I work no more than 9-10 hours a day and will work overtime only if absolutely necessary.

My husband's job is a little rough because they rely on the home industry. He works for a flooring contractor, but instead of laying off employees, they asked each employee to take one day a week w/o pay off to help allievate costs, so I am thankful that he still has a job, but we are now cutting back and tightening our belts.

My son is 25 yrs old and graduated from George Mason University and holds a great job with Kraft Foods. He still lives at home though, and yes, being a Mother, I still take care of him, but not financially.

I am really enjoying my 2-1/2 year old, Kaylee. She is really a sweetheart and A GREAT child. God blessed the mother and father with this one.

There are still times I get depressed, worried and anxious and don't know why. I try to focus on other things which does help sometimes.

I will be turning 44 years old this June 08 and looking forward to new experiences and journeys in my life.

One goal we do have is to become race horse owners before we are fifty. So that leaves 5/6 years to research and plan.

Sorry this was sooo long, but just wanted to pass on my boring average life interests to my family here :)


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    So glad to hear you are living life as you should. I know what you mean by the times when you cannot shut out the anxious thoughts but they dont rule our lives. Sounds like you have a beautiful life with lots of love and support. Keep exercising and reaching for your goals. The race horse sounds like fun.
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    Wow you buff thing you! 35 lbs. is quite impressive. I wouldn't want to get in a fist fight with you! lol. Glad to hear everything is going well. I feel like I have one step left in my journey and that is to "not let the stress get to me". I am working on it. It is kind of crazy but if you don't get this under control your body retaliates! I have been trying to get back in the groove of lifting weights but I keep on pulling muscles! I also recently have been grinding my teeth/clenching my jaws at night and maybe I've been doing it for years but only recently started feeling severe weird pain in my face! It scared the ____ out of me, but I am quite sure at this point that it is from grinding! I must get this worrying under control! Maybe I need a child to get my mind off of myself!
    Best wishes and thanks for the update,
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    Thanks for the update! I joined a gym, paid my dues, never went....lol....now have a workout room at home...am going after it!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    so good to hear from you, and your average life interests sound good to me! I am impressed with you weight lifting! WOW!! I'm not even working right now, and still have not been to the gym. I love to run, too, but also suffer with a bad back. I am actually doing pt...just started today. But, your post inspired me so tomorrow I am putting on those running shoes and hitting the road! Thank you!
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    Thanks for the update. It shows life goes on after cancer. I am glad that you and your family are doing well.