no dumb questions?

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Okay, this may be too piddly of a question that no one can remember. But...since taking taxol I feel an ache between my hip bones, on either side. Is this maybe from menopause? Ovaries? Taxol pain? Anyone else ever have this? (of course I worry that it is serious) And, three weeks after taxol (two infusions) the rest of my hair is still growing and hasn't fallen out. Any chance any one kept their wisps through taxol? I thought it was all going to go. These must both seem like little things. I can't believe how much time I think about them during the day.
Best wishes to everyone.


  • Heaven help us Joyce, if we can't ask EACH OTHER who can we ask?
    I haven't taken taxol so can not help you with your ??? but just wanted you to know that there ARE no dumb ?'s here. Hugs.
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    unknown said:

    Heaven help us Joyce, if we can't ask EACH OTHER who can we ask?
    I haven't taken taxol so can not help you with your ??? but just wanted you to know that there ARE no dumb ?'s here. Hugs.

    Like Zahelene, can't help about taxol, but we're here for you, no matter what. Hugs, Marilynn
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    Don't have an answer for this question I just started menopause after I was diagnosed and had to come off of my estrogen that I had been taking for years after I had my hestorectomy.

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    I take arimidex for my blocker but I have the same pains and understand that this is a side effect. I do not have ovaries but feel like I am about to start my period. It is between the hip bones and in the lower uterine area. You could call the 1800 number and ask them. Hope this helps. Angela
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    Hey Joyce, I hope you feel you can ask anything. There are no dumb questions.

    My hair started growing in when I started taxotere. I also thought that was strange. What the heck, no complaints here!

    Every so often it feels like I am going to start my period. Heavy achy feeling. I am postmenopausal and did not have this before tx. I'm on tamoxifen, so I blame it on that. I do worry about it though. No one seems to have any answers. I am thinking about having hormone testing done at that time to see if there is any diff in my hormones when I have this feeling and when I don't. Thats about all I can tell you.

    Enjoy your hair!
    Best wishes
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    Hey Joyce:
    There are no dumb questions. Besides we are all here to help in any way we can. I didn't have taxol, but adriamycin and I also felt achy. This went away after the treatments were done. But check with you dr anyway. Lili
  • Thank you all so much for replying! Angela and Jan, I think you can add me to the list of people who have that same ache. I hope that now the three of us can perservere with out OHMYGOSH - What if I have ovarian cancer- circling around in our heads. It is so rough when those little aches and pains come and I feel like a littl girl, up at night in the dark, listening to the house creak and thinking it is boogie men. Your sharing is like a nightlight. And Jan, thanks for the hair support. I have gotten so ridiculous about wanting to keep my few wisps. Soon I will be doing a bald man comb over. Thank goodness I cut my hair short and won't try braiding and parading 30 pieces of long hair! All of you help me so much. My tx seems to be divided into two stages, the dark days before I got on this discussion page and the wonderful feeling of support after.
    your friend,