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hi Everyone, I had my Cs simulation today where they mark off the area that is to be radiated. And Before I went in, the doctor and nurses were extremely excited about a new device that allows a patient wot lay chest down and be marked. They asked me if I wanted to be the first person to try it, and of course, since I have no claim to fame yet, I said yes! The device is pretty cushy and has two foamy pieces, plus one piece that you place your "good" breast against. Things went quickly. They even took some pictures of me in all my glory! Hope they don't end up on the net!! But to be serious about it, This was a very comfortable piece of equipment to be laying on. I hope it comes into use here. We also did the marking the conventional way too. So I am guessing they will compare notes on both ways. I go back next Thursday for some fine-tuning and my radiation schedule. I will keep you all posted. Hugs to you all, Cindy


  • I have heard that they tattoo the breast to mark it. Is this permanent? If I go everyday, why can't they just use a sharpie pen? Thanks for testing new equipment that will help us all.
  • Fancy-schmancy Cindy!
    Congrats on helping pave the way to making this whole horrible process a little easier for those who will come after you.
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    Cindy, that's exciting news. I'm slated to start radiation sometime in late April/early May. I'm going to ask my Rad Onco about this. Where are you getting your treatment? Hooray. More new strides in this battle and you're a front line warrior. Good going girl! Hugs, Marilynn
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    This is great, would you give the name and place where they are using this device. Thanks so much.
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    Hi Everyone! When I go in to the doctor next Thursday, I will ask the name of the device and if other facilities use it. I go to the Regional Cancer Center in Erie, Pa. I actually grew up from it within a few blocks and watched it being built and expanded. Then I moved to a small town and now I drive in. It is a first-rate place from what I have seen. From the little barcode ID cards they give you to scan you into the system each time you visit, to the signs that are posted everywhere stating that your wait will never be more than 15 minutes and if it is, you notify the nurse. I, so far, have never waited more than 15 minutes there for anything. They send you a schedule prior to your appointments that lists the doctors or procedures you are having done that day and how long they will take. This is a great thing for those folks who have someone drive them. They also provide free drinks and fruits to patients and have a pretty snazzy snack bar. A lot of the doctors have come from Buffalo. My own surgeon came from Roswell Park in Buffalo. I have been through many hospitals as a caregiver for my folks and this facility is just top rate for the attention they pay to patients. I think our small sized city is very blessed to have it located here. My best to you all..Cindy
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    I too had breast cancer which only required the radiation treatment. I went through all of that tatooing which only they can see. I went for seven weeks. I wanted to get this over with so I didnt miss a session. Good luck
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    Hi...can I ask about your experiences with radiation? Did you have any kind of side effects except for the fatigue and when did the fatigue come on...early in treatment or later? Were you able to work through your treatment? Thanks for anything you can tell me and a hug and prayer to you, Cindy