Another 6 months down!!! YEA!!!

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Well, I went to my 6-month onc visit today. She had a new PA, who said "You are the story we LOVE to tell!!!" ALL of my markers are clear, my white count is normal for the first time in 3 years...NED on the rectal ca for 3 years, NED on the breast ca 2.5 years....CT scan clear...WHEW!

LOTS of naked happy dancing tonight!!!!!!!

Also, my beau went for his heart checkup today...not a single bad rhythm to be found!!!!! We are both so normal, that we are sped in and out of the appointments...his doc was grinning from ear to ear..."I never thought I would see this day with you....3 years ago we were ready to ablate the AV node...and NOW look...good work!"

Thanks to all of you for the support...I could not have done it without you!!!!!

On to travel and fun! I am officially semi-retired, so this is the start of a new life!!!!

Hugs, Kathi


  • Faith4Cure
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    Kathi-I'm so happy for both of you. Wow, what a great feeling. How fun that you can both celebrate to your good health! You deserve to do a lot of dancing!

    You have so much enjoyment ahead of you. You better get started on that new life! Cheers!

  • CherylHutch
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    Yayayaya Kathi!! What a fabulous feeling you and your beau must be going through!! After all you've been through, to be able to say you are healthy now... that is fabulous! Congratulations!! :)
  • dn220
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    Congrats,congrats,congrats. I am so happy for you. Plus you answered one of the questions I just posted. Again, congrats.
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    You couldn't have done it without us? I doubt that there isn't much you can't do. Congrats
  • haarberg
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    Great news!!! Congratulations !!! This will give a lot of people hope and inspiration to go on. Thanks for the good news and best wishes for the future. haar
  • betina61
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    So happy for you both, if someone deserve these great news is you Kathi, you have gone through so much,don't stop celebrating,and dancing.
  • nudgie
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    CONGRATS to both you guys on ALL-CLEARs. Now I know both of you will be performing the Naked Happy Dance and maybe together?
  • claud1951
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    What wonderful news, Kathi!

    Just keep on with that positive energy!

  • sladich
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    Great news, Kathi. Celebrate!

  • rmap59
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    Hi Kathi,
    Yes I have told your story to a few people too. Keep up the good work and dance my friend dance!!
  • jerseysue
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    Wonderful news! Congrats!
  • Monicaemilia
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    Kathi: You are such an inspiration and perfect example of the power of the human spirit. This is wonderful news! Monica
  • morningstar4
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    Hi Kathi. You are the faith, the hope, and the inspiration that keeps us all going. Best wishes to you both Congratulation!!!!!!!! Judy
  • Limey
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    Wow. That is great news Kathi. On all accounts. your results, your beaus, and your retirement. I will sit in my chair and wiggle my feet in honor of your dancing.
    Lots of love and continued good results.
  • valley
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    You go girl! Great news! Sooooohappy for you!

  • cahalstead
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    I'm so happy for you, I'm loving all this great news!

    You are an inspiration to me and many others, I'm sure!

  • KierstenRx
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    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy that every thing is clear for you and your beau. I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the advice you have given to me over the past year. Your posts on this board continue to inspire me. Thanks!!! NOW GO CELEBRATE.....NAKED!!!!

  • jams67
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    Kathi, I am thrilled to hear your news! That is so awesome!!!
    You are so encouraging to so many, that when it is your turn, you need to go dancin'. Celebrate life!
    Jo Ann
  • hopefulone
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    Wonderful news Kathi! God Bless and ENJOY!!!!!