Xeloda diarrhea on off days

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My father finished taking his first cyle if Xeladon 5 days ago and has had a base case of diarrhea for the past two days.

Is it normal to have the diarrhea on your off days?!

When first picking up the pills at the pharmacy we were told not to give him Imodium if he develops diarrhea but to stop the chemo pill at once.
No idea why we were told NOT to use Imodium - I called the Cancer centre today aND the family doctor and both told me to give him Imodium.
(the oncologist was not available)
I hope the fact we didn't give it to him straight away doesn't slow down the Imodium from getting rid of it.
(I'm worried about him getting dehydrated !)


  • cheryltaco
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    I have bouts of diarrhea both during my chemo session and also on my break. I don't know why the pharmacist would say not to take Immodium, I was told I could take it, but was given a prescription for Lomatil as it works much better. As for the dehydration, make sure your father hydrates often. I always have a water bottle with me. Blessings, Cheryl
  • KathiM
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    I've had many tell me about this very thing....I was on 5FU IV, so I never had Xeloda.

    I'm puzzled, as well, about the Immodium. But Lomotil works, too. I had one patient partner that couldn't tolerate the Xeloda at all....switched to 5FU infusion, even tho it was more of a hassle, it worked better for her...

    Have dad drink as much as he can, it is very important. I found that Propel Mixed Berry worked well for this. But, anything, really...I didn't at the beginning, landed in the hospital hooked to IV hydration...learned MY lesson..lol!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I didnt have "diarrhea" with xeloda much just LOTS of movements so they put me on Immodium 3 times daily routinely and that did the trick for me.
  • marzz26
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    I am on my 4th cycle of Xeloda and get diarrhea on and off, whether I am on-cycle or off-cycle. My onc originally had me on Immodium and switched me to Lomatil which seems to work well.