Seroma developed after lung surgery

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Hi everyone,

I developed a seroma (5"x2.5"x1") on my back over the incision area from lung surgery on Oct. 16th. It started from my dog pulling on the leash unexpectedly; he's a big dog. It didn't hurt immediately after but a sharp pain, I think a muscle spasm, happened twice about an hour after the pull, and then my back got swollen up alarmingly. It didn't continue hurting bad, just uncomfortable. I went to my primary DR. and she said to wait to see if it would get better on it's own. That was 3.5 weeks ago. I went back to her today and she put a needle in it and said it was a seroma. I could either go back to the surgeon and have a drain put in, or continue waiting to see if it will go away in time.
Has anyone had this problem and how long does it take to go away? I really don't want anymore surgery anytime soon.
Thanks for any replies.


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    Hi Kandy,
    I had a seroma form at the bottom of my incision after my initial colon resection. It healed on its own. I did not have as large of a seroma as you have, so I don't know if getting a drain is neessary or not. If I were you I think I would e-mail or call the surgeon and explain the situation and see what he/she says.
    Mine was only like the size of a pea, or slightly larger. I did have a lung resection several years ago, but did not have a seroma at that site.
    Best wishes and take care of that big doggie!
    Susan H.