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Hi to all,

Haven't posted in a little while but I've been reading posts daily.

I had my CT scan yesterday, my first since treatment completion. Of course, I'm anxious, to say the least. Most of you know how I feel.

I noticed on my orders from my onc that the CT was ordered for "restaging of colon cancer". Does anyone know how that works or what it means? I won't get my results until Monday, I have an app't with my onc. I'm doing my best to not spend my precious time from now until then, thinking about the outcome. Not easy, is it?

Any info is appreciated.


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    Difficult to say for sure. Remember that doctors do things without realizing the impact on their patients. I call it being so smart that they are stupid. Sometimes doctors write things on orders to "grease" the movement of tests through insurance companies etc.. Sometimes they write something down that scares the hell out of us and never bother to discuss their concerns because they don't want to worry us until the test results are known. A decision that should not be theirs to make. I too am waiting for my meeting on Monday with my onc. My order surprised me too. It ordered a scan of my pelvis and abdomin which has been routine till now but then added and full chest. This concerned me because when my onc examined me he listened for what I noticed to be a great deal longer to my lungs. Still he never said anything and then this expansion of my ct scan. Like you I hope its nothing and probably is just the onc being careful but and here's the worry-who knows! You think they would discuss their orders with you but often they think nothing of it. Good luck I'm going to have a chat with my onc Monday I hope you do too.
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    It is really just a matter of terminology. It may depend upon where the doctor trained or has just gotten used to using. If they find something then you would be at a different stage but putting "restaging" on the order form doesn't mean they suspect something. They could have just written "followup after treatment" and it would have served the same purpose.

    The test time and especially the waiting for results is always very difficult. We look forward to you reporting to us that you are NED.

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    Many times the doctors make statements to explain the reason for the test for insurance purposes. That way the rediologist knows how to code the procedure and there are no problems getting the test covered by insurance. Try to relax and think positive. The restaging will be NED!!!
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    I had one order, after all treatment, for an MRI to 'rule out primary carcinoma in skull'. Scared the PEE out of me....called the doc...he said just what others have said, get it thru my insurance (HMO) faster, less chance of denial...

    Best thing to do is call. Ask. I'm sure it's nothing.

    Hey, Monday must be 'doctor day'. I have my 6-month follow up with my oncologist. When I went to the lab for my routine blood, my friend drew it, and then said "You had breast cancer, right?" "yes, and colon cancer, why?" Well, order only calls for CEA...no CA29 (breast cancer tumor marker). Wierd, huh?"
    Needless to say, on Monday, I'm going to ask...lol!

    Here's to STAYING NED!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi -

    I've had 11 PET and CT scans ordered by my oncologist. Almost every order says my clinical history is "Stage IV CRC, referred for restaging". Every single radiology report says "Stage IV, referred for restaging".

    It seems to be the way they like to word things - maybe it makes a good justification to the insurance company. I do know it's not something to worry about.

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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers. I agree with the others, restaging many times terminology to get insurance to pay for the tests. God Bless