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Today would you all take a moment to think about Ohilly. She has her mastectomy scheduled for 7:45 this morning and is scared to death. We've all supported her throughout her stuggle with decisions, her fears, etc. Today she needs our thoughts and prayers. So do all of the others of our sisterhood who are facing surgery, biopsy, chemo, rads, whatever else they throw at us. Thanks. It's too bad someone doesn't come up with a universal prayer for our sisterhood so we don't neglect anyone or leave anyone out. Marilynn


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    I am sending her positive thoughts and images. I am sending prayers for her surgeons/nurses/others involved that they use their skills while working on her and in the healing process. I pray for the family that there is a calm spirit with them and that all their angels are encirling her during this time. She may have cancer but cancer doesn't have her. Angela
  • Hey, Ohilly! Hope your up and about and checking your discussion board and seeing that we are all here for you, and have been thinking about you. I got over my mas. pretty quick. Congratulations on being tumor free! You know, we say we have breast cancer, but after the mas. we do not. We just take the chemo so we don't get any future cancers. Celebrate today with a Jamba juice - I can still remember having one after surgery...so yummy..so healing...sunny fruits...good things to enjoy...all your life! L'chaim.
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    Good Luck Ohilly! You're in my thoughts and prayers. Looking foward to hearing from you when you're up and feeling better. HUGS!! Cathy
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    ohilly...all my thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult of times...take care of yourself and recovery will be quick...get lots of rest and take your pain meds...God bless you...Diane
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    how r u
  • terrymed64
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    mine is for monday 2/25/08 and i relate
  • terrymed64
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    mine is for monday 2/25/08 and i relate

    all my prayers r with you get well soon
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    mine is for monday 2/25/08 and i relate

    Are you having a mastectomy on the 25th or what.
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    We are thinking of you dear, don't worry you will be fine. You really will.
    Big hug to you
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    Dear Ohilly, You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day and I will continue to pray for you as you recover from your surgery. We are here for you Ohilly and wish you well! Lots of HUGS!!!!!

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    all my prayers r with you get well soon

    Terry, I'll be thinking of you on the 25th. Are you having a mastectomy, lumpectomy????? Stay strong. We're here for you. Marilynn
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    When I read this page, I closed my eyes and visioned all of us in a big circle hugging one another, and giving love and support to both Chilly and Terry. That is what we do here, and it is so awesome to know that we have this group of sisters who can relate to everything that we share with each other. Our prayers for each other lifts us up, and surrounds us with the much needed strength to face each day, one day at a time. Take care Chilly, and remember Terry that so many of us will lift you in prayer on the 25th.
    Blessings to all of you,
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    all my prayers r with you get well soon

    Good luck Terry. My prayers will be with you on Monday. You'll beat this.
    Hugs, Lili
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    Dear Ohilly,
    I just checked in (6:13 at night) and that means your surgery is now behind you. I hope you have lots of supportive people around you that can help with the dishes, tears, and surgical assistance you need. I remember being incredibly frustrated by the simplest task of washing my hair and taking care of that blasted drain. Don't be afraid of asking for help!We are thinking of you!
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    Hummmmm, well, I hope for a fantastic recovery....sorry for the lateness...thought I had responded....but then, between no internet and chemo brain, I'm surprised I remember to breathe!

    Remember to start stretches as soon as the doctor says to....I did mine in the jacuzzi...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Ohilly, you're in my thoughts and prayers..Keep strong and wishing you a quick recovery. God Bless.
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    Sorry I'm late getting to this, I just finished surgery myself and haven't been in since....got drains out now and healing nicely.

    Father I life each sister that comes in this chat room. Lord strengthen us and guide us through lifes journey. We come together asking for healing for each one that's had surgery or any treatments Lord. Father heal our bodies and strengthen us a new each day and we will give YOU all the Praise and Glory, amen
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    Best wishes for a speeding recovery!
  • Ohilly, I just read mgm's post today. I hope everything went well with your surgery. I am sending good wishes and blesings your way. Hang in there and heal well. Hugs, Eileen
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    All good things to our Ohilly~ and to each and everyone of this awesome sisterhood who have banded together for strength, love, support , empathy. We are an amazing group of women; as always I am humbled and honored to be counted among you.