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Had Davinci 10-2007 and everything going well.I had it done at John Hopkins,Dr Gonzalgo He did a great job, 3 mo out psa undetectable using 0 pads.My family doctor checked my testosterone because sex drive was not there and it was low, he will check again in 1 mo.He stated I might want to look into a treatment. However Im reading the meds and treatment are not good for a person with prostate cancer any input


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    By and large the testosterone enables any remaining prostate cancer to grow more easily. In my case the cancer was already spread outside the prostate so chemical castration and other meds were used to stop testosterone production. Sex drive then goes virtually away. If you and your doctor feel there is no chance the cancer can come back then he would probably agree to helping you regain sex drive. Alot will depend on your age and need and then you will make the best decision for you. All the best!!
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    Hi Mudock. I had RP December '03, and 'things' went down hill quickly. My urologist suggested testosterone injections and until Dec '07 I had one 100 mg injection monthly. I had a slight improvement in libido, but only partial erection. My PSA has been 0.0 since the RP, for which I am appreciative. However, I quit the injections because my RBC and hematocrit were high and the surgeon to do a knee replacement revision was afraid of potentially serious clotting. A hemotologist evaluated the situation and after some serious testing said my blood was normal, but too thick due to low intake of fluids. She agreed that testerone could cause an increase in RBC and hematocrit and urged me to highly increase liquid intake, primarily water. She did not believe it a major deterrent if the T gives other positive results.