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This is just a thought I wanted to share that maybe you have had too.
My work asked us to bring a picture of ourselves when we were little. So I hauled out the old photos to pick one out. As I looked through my life in pictures I was at first struck with sadness. Look at that little girl, me, how unfair that she should grow up and deal with BC. And look at how healthy a young woman she grew to be, only to become this bald, one breasted woman looking into the past. And how about this one, taken just a few years ago, so care free! The sadness was replaced with another thought. I love myself. Seems funny to write it down. But of course that has been the source of some of my tears, crying for myself. But it is not just because I pity myself...I actually love myself and can now see past the too long nose and dorky smile. Grappling with BC has left peacefully confident that I love myself. Just like all the self help books say you should. Just like all the self esteem articles promote. Now I really believe it.
Maybe this is easy for some of you to say to yourselves. But for me, I have spent much of my life not always loving myself.
So this Valentines Day, lets all champion the love we have for ourselves, that keeps us fighting, that sometimes brings us tears of fear, that reaches out to each other.
To myself, and to each of you, Valentines, LOVE!


  • manna1qd
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    What a beautiful thought! Happay Valentine's Day!
  • survivor51
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    You are amazing and the thought of self love is so important. Angela
  • mgm42
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    Joyce, I was having the same thoughts when I saw a picture of myself as a child. You have expressed your thoughts so well that all I can do is say "thanks" for putting my feelings into words and acknowledging that self love is a good thing. I love me, and I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Marilynn
  • KathiM
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    What a great way to remember that we should be our own #1!!!!!

    I always was envious of a public figure that the reports called 'Comfortable in his own skin'. I wanted to feel that way, too. Well, after all that's happened, both cancer and non-cancer related, I AM!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

    Happy Valentine's day to you, too, dearheart!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • phoenixrising
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    Thank you for sharing that Joyce, I feel the same way. I too haven't always thought well of myself, more like self contempt, however one look at that cute little girl of long ago makes me want to hold her tight and give her all my love. Weird world isn't it. They should have given us a manual when we came on board :)
    A big happy valentine to you to.
  • babs49242
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    Joyce~ Thanks for stating what you did. I think we all need to realize WE should come 1st andlike I told my gotta love yourself first before loving anyone else!
    Well said thanks!
    and BElated valentines' day.
  • bev49
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    For me, I think that as I became an adult, wife, and mother, I just moved so far away from that little girl in my old photos, because we don't have much time to think about the past. Now, as a 3 year bc survivor, I not only long to be that child again, I thurst for all the fun I can have, realizing that my life could have been shortened. Now, I want to make snowmen in the front yard when it snows, color with my grandchildren, and more. I sometimes feel like I lost time fighting cancer, and now I feel like I need to rush to make up for it. I too have learned how to love the child in me again, and she is a lot of fun to be with. I told my 6 year old graddaughter when she asked me who was my best friend...that I was my own best friend. Maybe she thought it would be her, and she is to young to understand, but I was very surprised at my answer. Cancer makes us love ourselves, because we actually have to take the time to learn who we are. We tap into the inner strength we need to survive, and are amazed to find how strong we actually are, as we focus on ourselves in order to accept what we we are going through. I adore each and every one of you, and certainly have enjoyed reading the past few days of these messages, as it confirms some of what I have been thinking and feeling.