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I have gotten a few email replies in my mailbox, but I wanted to ask the group (those of you who had TRAM Flap reconstruction): how long did it take for you to be able to sit and stand after you had the procedure, even with some discomfort? I am concerned about the lengthy recovery time because I have my own business and can't be out very long, but my business basically involves sitting and listening to people (I'm a social worker in private practice). So one question is about the sitting and standing (they say the recovery time is lengthy, but I think they're referring to full recovery, not just sitting and standing). I also would like to know if you have an opinion about the superiority of one reconstruction technique compared to the other (different types of flaps, flaps vs. implants, etc.) Thanks. Ohilly


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    Ohilly, good question, I can't help you on this one, I didn't opt for reconstruction but bilateral mastectomies yes. I will get a fancy bra in future and fill it with..well whatever is light and comfy. I was a double DD and now can choose for myself. I see cancer is no respector of a young woman still working and a Social worker, helping others, darn this disease eh! Well God bless you hon and may you make the right choice for you, get well, and thanks for helping others!!!!!! :)
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    Well Ohilly my first choice was to have a trams flap done but when the plactic surgeon told my husband and I that I would have a hard time getting up and done. I/we decided to go with Silcone implants since we are out doorzee people and we like to be on the go. I have had no regret with my decision.

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    I haven't had mine yet, but from what I read I would expect that it would be a few weeks (maybe 6 or more?) before you could sit up long enough to work, but ask your Doc. to be sure. Also, as with everything else, I'm sure it varies by individual.

    Too bad we don't have an instruction manual that's one size fits all.

    Best wishes, seof
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    Hi Ohilly:
    Just had the tram flap done on February 4th, to day is my first nite back. I was able to get up out of bed and walking by the second day with a lot of discomfort. I am on muscle relaxers to stop the abdominal muscles from spasming and still can not bend down 9 days later. The doctor said about 2 weeks to feel better and 1 month before I would not feel any discomfort in the abdomen. If I had a choice I would do it again. I am extremely happy with the results.