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Boy, have I missed this forum. My computer has been down for almost 2 weeks. I have gone back and read your posts. Seems some of you all are coming up on the one year after colonoscopy, I am too. Valentines Day is my appointment and of course you know what I want!! I also read some posts about diet and cancer. Before my dx I ate well and exercised but the year before stress overcame me, I firmly believe that in my case the stress factor was huge. Hopefully with God's help I have learned to manage stress forever better in my life. Glad to be back. I will continue to pray for all.


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    Good to see you back, Robin, and GOOD LUCK on your check up! You'll pass, I'm just sure of it.

    I will be 1 year (on the 20th) since surgery for me, too. Wow...I'm sure you don't even want to think what last year was like!

    You just keep up with the healing process and moving forward. And you know I always say...Use your energy for getting better!

    Happy Valentines Day
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    My first post treatment colonoscopy is on Valentines Day too. I also think stress played a big part in my case. I'm praying for 2 good reports on the 14th.
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for an all clear! Good luck and God Bless. ( nice to have you back)