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I am obsessing about this question: whether to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy and have written in several times! However, now I am asking only people who chose to have a mastectomy over a lumpectomy AND had early stage breast cancer (my tumor is 1.8 cm and I have inductal invasive carcinoma) to reply. I'll be looking for your answers - I have to make this decision very soon. Thanks. Ohilly


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    ohilly, did you get my email I sent you?
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    I can tell you are up late and your mind is stirring. I hope you read my email and You could also call 1-800-227-2345 which is the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Qualified people answsers 24/7 with your questions. It is a private call and is great help even at 2AM. I've called several time just to talk. It is helpful. My thoughts and prayers are for you and with you. Is there cancer in your family line and if yes, what type. That would help as well. Breast cancer is a hormonal cancer. Do you have ovarian or breast cancer in the family? If you read this tonight and having trouble sleeping, please call the 1800 number, is really is helpful even if just to talk. Angela
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    Hello, I know what you're feeling. My decision was made by my doctor because I had no choice. My breast cancer was 2.5cm and had invaded into one lymph node,with little specks of cancer throughout my breast. So it was definately better safe than sorry. Anyway I would have worried sick about it returning ,which occurs alot of the times. I had an implant put in,silicone,trusting the plastic surgeon at the time. Assuring me it was safe!!! A few years later my breast was as hard as a rock,leaking and I was in so much pain. When I read on the internet about silicone implants it describe "Me' to the T. I had every symptom and when I called the plastic surgeon with my concerns they told me "It was all a get rich scheme by the lawyers to sue the silicone implant companies..I was very upset with their reaction to me so I left.I know first hand that this was a huge reason for the way I felt the two years I had the implant in me. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and all the pain was contributed to that. My implant was removed and I chose to have DIEP reconstruction this time, while choosing to remove my other breast because of concerns of breast cancer returning. It was the best choice I could have made and I'm very very happy with the results. I still have the last stage to get done. After the implant was removed I feel 95 percent myself again.I definately know the implant was the cause of my feeling so bad for two years. I always worried about breast cancer returning and I still do but I don't dwell on it like I use to. Its like taking a huge risk factor and reducing it. The surgery was the most painful I ever had been through,although I didn't take any pain meds after the first 24 hours because I am very sensitive to meds and always feel so gross after taking them. Trust me I wasn't a very good chemo patient!! Even the nausea meds. made me sick...its such a hard decision youre going through but hopefully by reading each experience it will help make it easier for you. There was never any mention of having a double mastectomy when I went through it all,but as the years after I had read alot about women having their other breast removed and with the DIEP I figure now would be the best time so they could use my own flesh to reconstruct. Its amazing. Best of Luck to you and I will keep you in my prayers.
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    I know what you are going through and it is very scary and it is going to change your life but the decision has to be yours. In my case since my cancer was caught very early and it was LCIS. The doctors told me I could wait or go ahead and have a bilateral mastectomy. I chose the bilateral cause I didn't think I could live with knowing I had cancer inside of me. Again the decision has to be made by you. You have to do what you think is right for you.

    Big Hug for you
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    I had DCIS, stage 0 breast cancer. I originally decided and went through with a lumpectomy (Nov 07). I had multiple people giving me opinions. Sadly, I knew 3 people who had double mastectomies and 2 with lumpectomies; many of them had very strong opinions on what I should do. In the end, I had to decide what I wanted and how I felt. After my decision was made, I was very comfortable with the lumpectomy decision. I vowed that if they found more cancer during the lumpectomy, I would go back for a mastectomy. Well, the doctor found more cancer, still stage 0 DCIS. The recommendation from the surgeon and an oncologist I saw recommended mastectomy to be safe. Now I was mad, I wanted this to be my decision and suddenly the thought of a mastectomy was much scarier. After two weeks of research, I decided to go forward with a bi-lateral mastectomy. I haven’t regretted this decision. But, most important, it was my decision with input from my husband. For you, whichever road you choose is the right road.
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    ladybluepgh Member Posts: 76 first time..i had DCIS and a lumpectomy with radiation...I thought I was the queen of beating the beast..but 9 years later it came back and I was told I had to have a mastectomy for the invasive ductal cancer...high I had that...I healed very well but I'm going to have the other breast removed in March...I need the security and the balance...I hope you make the best choice for you. Take care
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    Hi Ohilly,

    My first cancer was ten years ago and I opted for a lumpectomy and radiation. It came back in my upper chest 8 months after I had finished all treatment which resulted in more extensive treatment. I was cancer free for 8 years and last FEb. it returned in the other breast. This time I choose to have the brest removed. I have no problem with this decision, I am very happy without the breast. I figure why keep something that is killing me. It is solely your decision and you must do what is right for you. I have a lot of breast cancer in my family so this was really right for me. My best to you!