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Has anyone had experience with CTCA? We have an appointment next week for a 2nd opinion.


  • KathiM
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    Not personally, but please keep us posted. I think that the difference is that they do more than just treat the cancer, they include the person as well. The 'mind/body' idea. I have always wanted to ask them about their ideas...but, like many facilities, my insurance wouldn't cover it....sigh...

    Hugs, Kathi
  • sandyjg
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    Please post after your evaluation. I would really like for my husband to have an eval there. I would like someone to look at him as a whole, not just the cancer. I think he suffers for no reason because no one is addressing how the meds affect him and his poor nutrition etc. Best of luck.
  • hopefulone
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    The only experience I have with them was when I spoke to them and they asked my what type of insurance I had. When I told them, frankly they weren't interested as they as they said the insurance would not cover their treatment plans. Good luck and God Bless.
  • markatger
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    I live near the Seattle CTCA. I didn't get chemo there but went to see a naturopath there. I was kind of chicken to jump in all the way to their system. I got a lot of nutrition and supplement advice from though. Unfortunately I don't take everything that they prescribe for me because I had concerns about interactions with chemo...and even now that I am done with treatment I'm wary of taking too much supplements. I wish I wasn't that way though....part of me really believes that supplements can be very helpful...even mainstream docs are catching on to things like turmeric - which is being heavily tested for its anti-tumor properties.
    If anything - they are great for nutrition coaching. I don't think anyone could argue that good nutrition will help all cancer patients. My naturopath from there had great recipe tips and specific foods that were rich in vitamins that could help in different stages of treament.

    One of the docs at Seattle CTCA co-wrote this book:
    "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine" by Michael T. Murray (Author), Tim Birdsall (Author), Joseph E. Pizzorno (Author), Paul Reilly (Author)

    Good luck with your appointment,