Stage 4 Liver Re-Resection Question

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Hello. Is there anyone out there that has had a liver resection? Has anyone had to go back and have a re-resection after the first resection? I apologize for all of the silly verbiage I know that this probably sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss book:)


  • sladich
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    I had a liver resection (11/05) and the tumors came back a year later. I underwent 2 chemoembolizations and a liver RFA in 12/06. So far so good. Unfortunately, the beast showed up in my lung.... From what I have read, a second resection has proven to be very good.

  • Monicaemilia
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    I agree with Debbie. I have had one resection, but have heard of multiple resections. Monica
  • hopefulone
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    Hubby has had one resection , but the surgeon did mention that a second one (depending on the site of reoccurrance if it does happen can also be very successful.)
  • jenalynet
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    I had liver resection May 2006 from which I had a good and quick recovery. My scans have not shown any cancer since then. Audrey
  • jenhopesprays
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    I had a re-section in December with good results. My surgeon said it was quite common to have a re re-section. I think he wanted to prepare me in case I need another re-section. He said they have good results. Try to get a wedge re-section if possible. Perservere! Jen
  • jams67
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    I asked my oncologist that question and she said no, so it may depend on where the beast resides and how much of your liver they removed the first time.
  • impactzone
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    I had a liver resection done 2/07 at Stanford. They took out about 1/5th with 1 tumor 3cm. It has not recurred. I do get scans every 3 months and the liver has grown back. I did also have a lung resection in 11/08 for 2 spots. Dr So at Stanford (liver surgeon) would do another or do RFA if recurrance occured and he was able to get at it. It was harder to come back from the liver resection than the lung but both have given me a good life so far.