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Is it me, or does it seem like there are way too many people reporting that their colorectal cancer has spread to the brain? Is the brain the new area for it to metastisize? Just been thinking about this for a while now and wondering if I want to ask about expanding my CT to include my head.


  • Moesimo
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    I think it is more rectal cancer that spreads to the brain. On the day I was diagnosed when I was having my chest/pelvis/lung cat scan I had the cat scan tech also scan my brain. It wasn't ordered, but I work in radiology.

    I think if there are any symptoms then the brain is scanned. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have a baseline. That's what I wanted.

  • KathiM
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    Whew! Good question! Traditionally, it mets to the liver first....even rectal, I believe, but after Maureen's comment, I will keep it in mind, so to speak. My second cancer, breast, has a nasty habit of mets to the brain and so I am already more vigilant.

    Thanks for the observation!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I was wondering the same thing. I thought a brain met was supposed to be rare but it does seem to be happening more frequently.
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    My oncologist explained to me recently that chemo (at least the kinds I have been on) cannot cross the blood/brain barrier. So, altho brain mets are rare, it is a possibility. I am going to have a brain scan next week. It's a v slim possibility but in my case (I've had met to lung twice -- rectal cancer) he thought good to rule it out. I'll be having MRI.