bladder cancer metastasized to lung

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I have been fighting cancer since 8/2006. Blood in urine, lost kidney and ureter, had chemo (gemzar & carboplatin). Cancer showed up in bladder, had BCG which did not work. Bladder removed 9/2007 along with prostate, lymph nodes. Now it has shown up in pleura (lung) area. Anyone out there with similar story? clarence1


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  • antcar
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    I had surgery to remove the bladder last Nov 2008 so far my neo bladder is working well. My main concern right now is that the cancer has spread to my lungs I am undergoing chemo Gemcitabine & carboplatin (gemcarbo) right now its only 1cm. But I feel fine I had my CT scan last tuesday hopefully the spot in my lung is shrinking or gone I won't know till next Monday April 20 when I see my oncologist. I also changed my diet.
    The pathology report after my surgery showed no cancer in the lymph nodes but it may have spread thru the blood vessels. Overall my health is OK I feel much better than last year my tumor was the size of an egg 5 cm I kept urinating blood everyday till the surgery.
    I also do acupunture to build the immune system. Hang in there you will be fine. I try to keep a positive attitude.