Resources for my sister Suzy

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My sister is in need of any resources for living communities, groups, activities, assistance in Maine. She has partial blindness, memory issues. She has been in remission for a very long time (diagnosed and treated at 19, she is now 38). She isn't able to work and is desperately lonely. Myself and my family just don't know what to do anymore. I could go on and on, but I'll wait until maybe someone has a response. Thank you!


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    Have you called your local Social Services? I'm sure she is on SSI right? So she should be able to get help. Also try your local American Cancer Society.
    Hang in there
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, she is on SSI, medicaid and medicare. She did call her Social Services, unfortunately the waiting list is a year long for living assistance. That is why we were looking outside of Social Services. Thanks again for your reply, it is a comfort to have someone respond.