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Did you see my earlier response to SF? Since we encountered a semi-normal group in Nashville, count us as part of #6 and the Napa trip. Sounds awesome!
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    HA! Semi-normal? We were just on our best behavior! Sorry I didn't respond - really a busy time and I haven't been able to log in as much as I was. Currently at sea chasing down drug smugglers. We were in Jacksonville, FL the other day doing work-ups with our helicopter and I darn near froze my semi-colon off! Florida weather is NOT supposed to be like that! Of course true Floridians will be quick to tell you that Jacksonville is not Florida - it's south Georgia.

    I'm like Jimmy Buffett - I wanna go where it's WARM! (and I am...)

    Be well and we'll see you guys in SFO!

    - SB