Fluid around expanders

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Has anyone heard of this? I had a bilateral mastectomy in October and had expanders put in. There was a bruised spot on one breast that turned black after radiation. It then appeared to fill with fluid - almost like a blister. My surgeon, started removing the fluid with a syringe, then decided to go ahead and cut a nickel sized hole in my breast to really let the fluid out. It came gushing out - this was on Thursday, and is still coming out on Saturday. A culture of the fluid shows that it is not infected although he did put me on antibiotics as a precaution. The surgeon and the plastic surgeon said that in all their years of practice they've never seen anything like this. I'm not comfortable having a draining hole in my breast and feel like reconstruction is now impossible. The skin around the hole is way too thin. Neither surgeon is giving me an opinion.


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    I had a bilateral mastectomty in March and had expanders put in. I did not have that problem but have run into a few with the reconstruction in late July. I had to have it done again in October but is definitely will worth it. Allow your body to heal and wait to see. You have been through major trama and it is amazing how the breast will heal. Don't give up hope about the reconstruction. Do you have to take chemo? I had to do double chemos at the same time. Did not take radiation but have several friends that have. The body does heal itself but it does some time. There is a good site www.mayoclinic.com that has quite a bit about cancer. It has free videos and such. Look at the bars at the top of page and then "search". I found that the more I researched on reconstruction, I was frightened so be careful going to "good" sites. I'm from Ga and have seeing an acpuncturist. It has made quite a bit of difference. If you email me,. I can give you the site and she can give you some suggestions. Keep reading the message boards and there is a group that chats on Tuesdays. I will be there for the first time. There are many "sisters" on this discussion board that are very helpful. Feel free to email. Angela
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    I had expanders put in when I had my double mastectomy 12/21/07. I have not had the trouble with fluid so far. I am taking chemo for 4 months, then radiation for 6 weeks, then herceptin for 10 months, then reconstruction. I would say that if you don't get satisfactory information from your Dr., research as much as you can, maybe even see other Drs. to get a second, third, or sixth opinion, until you feel satisfied with the explanation. I would guess that you had drains put in after your surgery to drain fluid from the surgical site. It seems to me a similar drain in the breast would be beneficial, if not comfortable. As far as the skin being thin now, once the healing takes place after radiation, chemo, and all the rest is over, reconstruction may still be possible. Give yourself some time.

    Sorry you are having to go through all this, and I hope for the best outcome quickly, seof.