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Hi, I started this by reading some of your discussions. You have me in tears. I was diagnosed in December. Found the lump myself on the 5th. Had ultrasound and mamo on the 6th. Biopsy on the 12th and bad news on the 14th. Met with surgeon the following tuesday and mri on thursday. The mri showed 7cm of tissue and the left side just full of cycsts. I'm 37 ys old and found 4 other woman in the area in their 20s. I had full radical mastectomy on new years eve. and they took 19 lymph nodes on the right side. The tumor ended up being 3cm x 2.5x2, er+/pr-, her2-. I'm convinced that being on the pill for 10 years gave this to me. I'm starting chemo tuesday with taxotere and cytoxam for 4 times. The surgeon recommended radiation because the tumor was so close to the chest wall but met with rad onc on monday and he met with tumor board on thurs who decided that it had only a 10% chance of return so they didn't think it was necessary, ptl. But because of er+ I will be on femera for next 5 years and if my cycle returns they will take my ovaries. I thank God that I didn't want children.
I'm just so looking forward to that neulasta shot, not. Oh yeah had a pet scan last week too, came back neg. For some reason reconstuction is scaring me more than the cancer did.
thanks for listening, Kathy


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    I'm sorry that you are going through this..It sucks!..
    Hang in there,
    ps..I'm not sure if you meant to but you posted this in the BRAIN cancer discussion board..its ok...but you will find more support in the breast cancer discussion board.