In Need Of Desperate Help

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Looking to personally chat with someone who knows about Lymphoma. I'm a 44 yr. old male with 3 children and having a rough time with Dr.'s and symptoms. Really need some information that I can understand. Everything I find is so generic. I honestly need someone who knows about this darn illness. God Bless and hope to hear from someone out there.


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    what kind of questions do you have? i am a non-hodgkins lymphoma survivor and i can TRY to help you in any way i can...
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    faithfull said:

    what kind of questions do you have? i am a non-hodgkins lymphoma survivor and i can TRY to help you in any way i can...

    Mostly sypmtoms, and ways to diagnose. Was wondering how we can personal chat for a small
    Q & A session so I can get educated a little.
    Have had blood work a few times, a Ct Scan and 2 seperate dr.'s physical exam but I don't trust Dr.'s that much and I do have a few questions for someone that personally knows about this stuff. Thanks! Greg
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    Hi I 've been there and done that. How can I help?
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    I have lymphoma but mine is indolent. That means the #s are not high enough to get any treatment yet and I get run through the wringer every year with tests, etc. I was 2 yrs of "emotional heck" before they diag me. Drs can feel my lymph nodes and my white cell, lymphicides and some other blood # (can't remember) are abnormally high. I have to watch my iron too so take vitamins regularly.

    As to symptoms everyone is different. The ones above are the closest "pinpointed" ones, I guess. I was told at first about symptoms - but dern it they sounded just like the ones you'd have if you had a cold of flu. Geesh. Finally pinned my gp down. He said I'd know if my #s got really high if I was really really tired and short of breath. Don't know if this information is helpful or not.

    The best advice I can give you is to deal with stuff when you have to deal with it. Cancer is just a part of your life, not your whole life. Also stay practive with the drs. Become an active part of your treatment and recovery.

    Log on to the chat room sometime. There are lotsa others there with "experience" and can help you more. Good Luck!
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    I don't know about this illness..but I wanted to let you know that I'll be praying for you. Stay strong and God Bless.
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    Hello~ I'm sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time these days. My husband is a follicular lymphoma (stage 4) survivor and is doing well. I would be glad to chat with you if you want. Feel free to send me a msg or join the chatroom. There are a ton of great people there. Take care!
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    Hi, there are many kinds of lymphoma, fast and slow growing kinds. Sometimes, the dr's take a wait and see attitude. Try contacting the lymphoma society for some information. there is also a gentleman out of canada that has a lot of info on it but he charges for this information. I don't know how to reach him now but I do have some of the files he sent me.
    Good luck and keep a positive attitude

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    I've had NH Malt Lymphoma of the stomach since 1997; have had chemo, radiation, and Rituxin. Symptoms can be a specific area or vague. Please e-mail me if you wish to discuss your symptoms...