thanks for your responses

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Thanks for all the input on Tram flaps. I have been looking at info on all the other types too. I have several questions for my Plastic Surgeon next time I see her. Her main concern with bilateral tram seems to be that it leaves very little muscle at the abdominal donor site. want to ask her about DIEP, or similar procedures that use less tissue from the donor site. I'm not sure she has the experience to feel confident doing it, but I don't think we discussed it much. I might ask for a referrall to someone who has done it. I'm not very athletic (Understatement of the year),so I would not think weakness would change my life much, unless it is so extreme the song about the benefits of skin says...(both your liver and abdomen would keep falling on the floor). At least I have time to do research before that decision has to be finalized, I have radiation and chemo to do first.

I will look on the websites you all suggested.

Thanks again, seof