Can anyone eat sandwiches and burgers again?

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The biggest issue with me is learning how to eat regular foods again. As of now, I can only take tiny bites of moist foods. I would like to know if there is hope that I will ever be able to eat a regular sandwich or burger (WITH the bread) again. Also, can any of you out there eat those things again?


  • paula002
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    Hi MLC53,
    I went through 33 rad treatments for nasopharyngeal cancer. Finished rads May 2007. At this point I can eat some sandwiches but mostly with something liquid. For instance a grilled cheese with some soup. I love to eat enchiladas as well as macaroni and cheese with nachos (these require less liquids to go down). I have had hamburgers with lots of ketchup and pizza as well, but always with a drink to help them go down. With time you find out what you can easily eat and your food choices will be based on that. Now, I do eat more fish and vegetables which I guess his better for me anyways.
    All the best,

  • soccerfreaks
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    I don't know the extent of your surgery, but I am still not able to eat bread and cheese products without difficulty. Processed foods, that is, processed cheese and hamburger, I can do, but I have problems with "real" cheese and hamburger still.

    I hope you have better luck. We are all different. As paula points out, moisture (water) helps a lot.

    Good luck!
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    I wish you well. I do not want to discourage you, but my saliva has not improved. My solution is to use cream of mushroom soup. I dip my hamburger or sandwich in the soup.

    If I eat a MacDonald's hamburger, I buy coffee or milk to use for dipping. Now, I do like a tomato sandwich and can eat it without any additional moisture.

    I never used to like salads, but tossed greens with tomatoes are now great.

    Good luck and God Bless. After I see those with more severe difficulties, I just appreciate being allowed to continue my life.
  • BugHunter
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    Hi Marie!

    By now you are familiar with my "recovery" rate. I am just now (10 months post treatment) getting to where I can eat burgers and sandwiches bread and all! I do have to keep my ever present bottle of water close at hand, just in case.
    I thought maybe it was just me but have seen it here a few times where veggies and salads have taken the place of other things. I NEVER use to eat bunny food but now find I crave it more than burgers and "junk food".
    You have gone through more than many of us with your dialations and all that fun but now to see you are even thinking of burgers shows me you are recovering at a fairly rapid rate!

    My best to one and all!