psa test came back 12.8

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anything to be concerned about ?


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    You need to talk with a good urologist and find out what a professional thinks. It could be quite serious or just something that can be easily treated. More tests like a biopsy may be in your future because without one it will be hard to figure out what the problem is. Do not get all stressed out. My psa was 24 and I'm in stage 4 five years later and doing ok. Also if you come back to this site give a little more information like age, overall health, etc. Good Luck
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    When normal is 1-3 I would be concerned enough to contact a Urologist. It might be something easily explained and treated, or it could be something more serious causing this elevation.

    Mark was correct in his comments. Sometimes an infection in the urological track can cause the elevation. I would most certainly see a Dr.

    Good luck and keep us posted.