Legs hurt

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Hello all you Semi-Colons!

I have been off of chemo now for 3 months. (that's a good thing!)

My legs hurt, deep inside. When I stand for long periods of time or go shopping for very long, they ache. Is this normal, after chemo?

Anyone have any remedies?
I have an Onc appointment in February and will ask then but until then...let me know your thoughts and expereinces

Other than that, I am doing great and continue to heal thanks to everyone on here.

You're the best


  • rmap59
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    Hi Claudia,
    So sorry your having leg problems. Could it be neuropathy?? When I was on chemo I had those problems, aches deep inside my legs. What helped me was accupuncture but thats not for everyone. Try some bengay, see if that helps until you can see your onc, or moderate exercise might make it better or worse?? You are in my prayers. Oh, and ask your onc about vitamin B6.
  • funnyguy
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    happy new year!

    Appears to be a common problem. I've been off chemo for about 5 months now and have the leg problems you describe. Basically from my knees down there is a aching feeling deep inside down to the heels of my feet.

    Walking seems to help the problem for short periods of time. I've also found a massage therapist with special training in oncology cases. She also says it common and works on it with me. Her treatment usually lasts about a week before it returns.

    That's the most I know for now. but you're not alone in this one.

  • lfondots63
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    Hi Claudia,

    I would agree with the everyone. You can also call the onc and ask the nurses or him for anything he thinks you might do to help it. It is always good to tell them any new symptoms. That is what they are there for even if you are done chemo. I also did the accupuncture for neuropathy and it seemed to help. It helped my naucea also. I did something that most here probably never heard of but got it from another semi colon. It is called Reiki and it helped my legs and feet with their neuropathy. B6 or B complex was also an item that I was told to take even now for the continuing neuropathy. Good luck and HUGS!!!!

    Lisa F.
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    Hi Claudia,
    Yep, the leg pain is bad. I have been off chemo for 11 months now, and I still have the deep leg pain. My primary care doc is sending me for a bone scan and my gyn is sending me for a dexascan. Another gift of chemo can be accelerated osteoporosis, so we are ruling that as well as bone metastasis out. My onc told me that the leg pain should go away after about 6 months, but we are coming up on a year. I do have neuropathy (mainly numbness in fingers and feet), but the deep bone pain seems to be separate from that. Anyway, I will post to the board to let you all know what the scans say.
    God bless!