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you can go and check out some of my moms documentary on , in the search section type in cancer stricken a courageous battle.

or try copy and pasting this

Hope you all enjoy, Vision TV may pick up the whole documentary.


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    That was great. Thanks for sharing.
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    Good documentary Wanda...My prayers are with you and your mom. My mom, too, was dx'ed w/colorectal cancer 5yrs ago...has had 3 recurrences and 4 surgeries; however, she had her first clear colonoscopy in 7/06. Although we just had a scare..thought she had mets to the liver, but ct scan showed not so...she's doing well and we are very thankful to God. Your mom is a true warrior for enduring this "courageous battle." You provided excellent info on screening and awareness. Again, you and your family are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

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    That was well done. this is such an awful disease. I am sending hugs and prayers to your mom.

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    Great job on getting the word out there Wanda. Keeping your mom in my prayers. Keep the faith!
    God Bless
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    I just watched the video. I now have a face with a name. Keep up the faith. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom.

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    Hi Wanda,
    The video was awesome, awareness and early screening are sooooo important. I hope the TV company you mentioned picks up the documentary soon. We need more people like you to spread the word. God Bless you and your Mom.
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    That was wonderful, I hope they do pick up the whole thing, please post if so, would love to see the whole thing.
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    Wanda that was a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing. My prayers are with you and your Mom. May God Bless all of us and get us through this dreaded disease. Shelley