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Update for my much needed support system, Stage IV dx July 05, 2nd line chemo campostar and erbitux, 1st scan with new chemo-no new tumors and some shrinkage, really good news as my husband was so sick the past 2 months, bad bad labs and thyroid with diarrea so bad at times I didn't think he would make it, BUT, now that his thyroid is normal and labs are pretty good, he tolerated the last full dose of both chemos with few side effects. We feel hopeful, bad part is his abdominal fluid problem. Wish we new how to handle this better, he had 9 quarts drained today, feels much better. Anyway, things are much better at our home, we both feel that we can take a breath. He even talked about playing golf this weekend, with 9 less quarts around his tummy he thinks he can swing a golf club. Thanks to all of you who have kept me "in this game" Anyone with any ideas on how to deal with the abdominal fluid please pass them on.


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    Sandy... a big hug. That is very good news! Am so glad Brad is feeling better. No new tumors and shrinkage is great!! I hope someone can give you more info on the ascites. Keep the faith gf! God Bless,
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    I'm happy to read that things are going better for both of you, no new tumors is great news. I hope your husband can get in a game of golf over the weekend, that would make him feel wonderful.. Hugs to you. Audrey.