I hope my dream comes too..

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I`m planning to take my Mom to Spain in April, she is currently taking oral chemo I`m worried that by this date she may need IV chemo again. I lived 3 months in Spain 4 years ago and I want to take her there. And I have determined myself to fulfill certain things for my Mom and me to live in this life. One is this trip to Spain, hopefully a trip to Canada and most important. I´m trying to get pregnant again.. it is so important that my Mom be there and meets her 2nd granchild. At the moment she is taking FEMARA and she is still having some pains (like were the liver is which worries me) I hope we can make it chemo free for this trip. Prayers Liz.


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    Hi Liz,
    This trip to Spain sounds wonderful! I think it will do both you and your mom good to have something to look forward to, and take your minds off the treatments and cancer in general. I hope the pain your mom is currently experiencing will not be a problem and you'll be able to enjoy your getaway! Best of luck with getting pregnant too!
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    That sounds so exciting! And it's wonderful to have new goals, hopes and dreams. My doctor always refers to 'quality of life'. The first time I had cancer I initially wasn't sure how to handle certain things - should I stay at home, not do anything strenuous, etc. Then he said to me to go, do things, live life, that quality of life is important, which also meant if someone needs meds to help get through the depression or anxiety, or the pain, take it if it helps. So, while you don't know at this particular moment if your Mom will be up to the trip, plan it anyway. I bet just the planning process will be enough to get her excited and have something to look forward to, which is so important. And another grandchild! Now, that's definitely something to look forward to!
    Lots of luv, hugs and prayers to you!
    P.S. You wouldn't happen to need a chaperone to Spain, would you, hmmmm??????
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    I agree with Curlee and Mopar...a change of scenery will probably lift her spirits, and a new little baby will be so exciting. My son and his wife are trying to have a child, and I pray that I'm here to meet this baby..it keeps me excited and hopeful!!! Have fun on your trips..(((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Thank you ladies for you good wishes.

    nancy707 the trip will be on April 3rd so I need to see what happens until then (thats what worries me). We will be away for 18 days.