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I have been Ned probably since surgery July 2006,and my last scans tests etc.were done in September 2007, I have my next follow up appt. next Tuesday,I think the Dr. told me that this time was going to be only bloodwork,I am stage 3a and 1 and a half year from surgery,my question is what is the the average protocol as far as more scans I mean how often, I supose it depends on the stage you are etc.Any advice will be apreciated.


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    I have been NED since surgery, October 2004. I was also stage 3a with one node positive. I was treated by Texas Oncology and follow up at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Both doctors were very close in their follow-up plans.

    First year: CT or PET/CT and bloodwork every 3 months. Annual colonoscopy.

    Second year: CT or PET/CT ever 3-4 and bloodwork. Annual Scope.

    Third year: CT or PET/CT and bloodwork every 6 months. Clean scope in second year means no scope for 3 years. I have been to 3 GI docs and they all agreed that 3 years was good if scope at 1 yr and 2 yr were clean.

    I can't remember year 4-5. I think it went along with the CT or PET/CT every 6 months at yr 4 and reducing it to every 1 a year at yr 5.

    I don't think my doc started reducing my scans to every six months until the end of my 2nd year NED.
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    After two years out,my oncologist here says every 6 months for 5 years. I believe my oncologist in Houston at MD Anderson told me every 6 months for 4 years then once during the 5th year.
    After that I think I am done.
    This last time (3 years out) I only had blood work done, that was my decision. CEA is a good marker for me, at least it has been in the past, so I opted for no imaging this time. I will have another CT in the spring.
    -Susan H.
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    I was DX in 7/06 with Stage II Colon Cancer with no lymph nodes or spreading according to the path report and my surgeon.

    After completion chemo in Nov 06, I had my first CT Scan in Dec 06 and then every 3 months thereafter along with bloodwork.

    My most current bloodwork and CT Scan was done after Christmas, 27 Dec 07. All clear and still NED!!!!!!!!!

    My Onc now stated that we could go every 4-6 months for CT Scan and Bloodwork, but with my age, he wants to play safe and he also said that if I wanted to continue every 3 months he would for another year.

    I have not discussed after a 2-year timeframe yet.
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    I was also stage 3a. I had cat scans every 3 mos. for first 2 years, year three they were every 4 mos. Years 4 and 5 every 6 mos. and in June it will be 5 years and then I will have scans yearly.