I'm back from long break

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry that I was away for such a long time for those I know. Hello to all the new people. I have missed everyone that I have met on this board but I was trying to get myself together. For those that are new, I'm a stage 3 colon cancer survivor as of Dec. 19th 2007. Yeah me! 9 out of 12 rounds of chemo. Still a little neuropathy in my feet and one leg but doing good. I had my port out in Oct. Scar looks pretty good. May my husband moved out and August he asked me for a divorce. That is why the break from the board. Just needed to heal a little. I'm better now and I started the divorce paperwork right before Thanksgiving. When it is final I'm throwing myself a party. LOL. They say that you need to get rid of negative energy well this is one thing that the divorce is doing so it is a good thing in a way. I just had to get that through my head. I'm glad to be back and I don't think I will ever catch up on the posts but will start reading every day again. HUGS to everyone here and you are all my heros!!!!

Lisa F


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    Hi Lisa,
    I am glad that you are back. Thought about emailing you a couple of times, but like you, I've needed a little time to get my self together. Anyhow, glad to hear from you....WOW, two years?? That is wonderful. Here's to getting out ALL negative energy, and focusing on having a blessed and wonderful new year.
    Hugs, and God bless-
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    CONGRATS on the 2-year NED !!!!!!!!

    As for the husband, weill I guess it was not meant to be. God has another plan and partner for you ,so keep them eyes open and that heart pumping, cause he could be right around the corner :)
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    Hi Lisa, I am so happy to hear from you again,I have been thinking a lot about you, you were one of the first persons that answered my first post here,and you never forget that,I am glad that you are doing fine and that you are enjoying your NEDNESS I am doing fine too , I have a follow up appt. in 10 days but hopefully everything will be fine,I'm sorry for your divorce but things will get better, I know for my own experience. By the way I have tried to e- mail you but it says no user when I write your user name,check on that.Lots of hugs for you and your children.
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    hey lisa!!

    Nice to see you back. We all need breaks that's for sure!

    Sorry about the divorce (or not if it's getting rid of negative energy YOU GO GIRL!).

    hugs back!

    peace, emily
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    Welcome back.

    It's nice to see a familiar poster. i am glad that things are working out for you.

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    Welcome back!! Glad to hear you are doing well..so nice to hear from one of the "oldies" (that is in posting - not age!!)
    Mary Kay
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    Welcome back and congrats on the NED!
    God Bless,
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    Glad you are back. Sorry you had to go through some rough times over the last year. I'm happy you are doing better!!!

    God bless,

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    Welcome back. It sounds like you are overcoming two cancers. One takes paperwork and a judge but I would dare to bet that it will hellp the First cancer stay away.
    best of luck in both your challanges.
    pick a day each week and live just a little. make it a day for you. you deserve it.
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    Welcome back Lisa, it's good to hear from you. You answered my first post. I am glad to hear you are maintaining your dance with NED. Sorry to hear about the divorce but you are turning it into a positive change in your life and that will help keep NED close to you.