Taxotere, Neulasta, Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Hello, I posted a question back in Dec about my sis who was diagnosed with Stage 4 BC in Feb 2007. She was on a hormone therapy for about 10 months and after they discovered a tumor in her brain and her breast tumors were increasing, they insisted on chemo. She began a taxotere treatment and just had her 2nd. Her white and red blood cell counts are low so she gets a shot of Neulasta to help with the white. Her first week was horrible, the second one we were better prepared and though there was pain it was better managed with Celebrex and Oxycodone. This time they tried to infuse her faster, she had chest pain and they stopped, flushed her and started again with a slower infusion. She has developed a rash on that same arm, benedryl is helping. Anyone had that side effect? I saw someone else writing about Neulasta and how painful it was, they stopped it, what were your white cell counts? They suggested that to my sis, but she was afraid they might drop too low and took the pain for her second treatment. She might consider dropping the neulasta for the third, any opinions? Anyone else have this regimen, can you give me an idea of what to expect over the next 4 cycles? The fatigue is very bad, does it stay this way for the entire 4 1/2 months or are there periods in between her 3 week cycles where it will be better? Do you think she will be able to go to work? Thanks for all the support, I just want to be able to help my sister.


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    Ask you sister's Doctor about Neupogen. It was what they used to give prior to Neulasta. The only draw back is that you have to take a shot for 10 days. I learned how to self inject myself. (but as they called it where I went they had drive by shootings... where you could come by even on weekends and get a nurse to do the injection. I had much better luck with Neopogen (helped my blood count more) and it did not cause much pain in comparison to Neulasta. Your sister might give it a try.

    Take Care... God Bless....

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    Hi A,

    I took neulasta 1 time and one time only. I was fine with the chemo, but the neulasta just about took me out. I had chills and shaking so bad I could not talk or get warm. I had to have my husband lie on top of me to help stop the shaking. I had fever. I suffered for one week, at the end of the week I laid on my sofa and thought it is all over, I won't get up. Told my onc I would not take it again. He agreed, and I had no trouble from that point on with the first round of adriamycin and cytoxin. My blood counts stayed fine without it. The only way I could stop the pain and shaking was with oxycodeine. Good Luck. I wish you well. I try to always remember that it is my body, and I make the decisions regarding my care.
    I also took Femara and had horrid side effects. I had to have a doppler to rule out blood clots in my legs. I could not walk more than 3 mins without pain. I had to have 4 steroid shots in 4 fingers for trigger fingers also caused by the Femara. I still have locking of those fingers at times. They want me to take Tamoxifen, but I have decided no to that too. I was diagnosed in July of 2006, and finished chemo and radiation in 2007 March. I am fine so far.

    Wishing you well.