cisplatin/ vineorelbine chemotherapy

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My mom just started her chemo program for stage 1b nscc last friday, she is having some terrible side effects that have her in the hospital since last night, and now she is seriously considering stopping chemo all together. Her prognosis only changed 4-6% by doing the chemo so the doctors left it up to her... I think we are all floored by how badly she feels.... nauseous (tried several meds.), consitpated, mouth sores, shakey, achey all over, low temp. (95). she is 62 and was in otherwise good shape before this. Any thoughts or commiserations? I know she will appreciate the support when she is able to log on..... for anyone who has had this regimen, how long until she feels better? she is taking 8 hour dose of Cisplatin 1/week every 4 weeks, and Vineorelbine weekly (1/2 hour) for 3.5 months. thank you for your thoughts.


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    Did Your mom Have surgery befor the Chemo ?
    I am 66 had my left lung removed in 2006 . The Doctors told me the same thing it was prventive an left it up to me.
    I chose to do the Chemo Carboplatin an Taxole. Same as you Mom once every four weeks . I made it through three of them . An like you Mom I thought I was going to die. They had to stop Chemo on the 4th one my blood wouldn't take it.
    The first time it took me a week to feel a little better . the second time about a week an a half, the third time took almost a month before I felt a little better.
    I would not do the Chemo agin. I still have side affects. But all people don't react to chemo the same way.I am still alive an will never know whether the chemo helped or didn't.
    God help her make the right choice .
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    Dear Mom:

    I had a lower right lobectomy in June of 2005 to remove a 2.8 cm tumor (Stage 1A). Even though no other cancer was found in my body, they suggested I have a few rounds of chemo as a precaution. In August 2005, I began chemo with Gemzar and Taxotere. I became seriously ill after the second chemo and they discontinued the treatment at that time.

    Your Mom may want to ask the oncologist to recommend another chem and try one more treatment before she discontinues.

    I have been cancer free since that time.

    All the best to you and your Mom,