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History: DX in July 06 with Stage II (NO/MO) colon cancer. Finished chemo in 11/06.

Latest CT Scan was done on 27 Dec 07 and I am still NED!!!! :). Bloodwork is good also.

I also had a biospy of my cervic because of mother nature hanging around for more than 7 - 10 days and that also came back clear. That procedure was not fun.

It is still hard for me to realize that I had cancer and continue down this new path in my life.


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    Congratulations on your continued NED status. It makes for a very Happy New Year!

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    Congratulations!!! NED is sooooooo cool!!

    Just wanted to advise you to stay on top of the gyno thing.

    I was dx'd in August 06, also with Stage II (NO/MO) colon cancer & finished chemo in Feb. 07.
    In January I was clear gynecologically, but in June I was dx'd with endometrial cancer. However, it was due the the mutated gene in our family. Now they are recommending prophylactic hysterectomies for those with HNPCC.

    If you are in the general population for colon cancer (i.e. if yours is not genetic), you should be clear. But keep a close eye on things and get checked out regularly. (I know. Those biopsies are NO fun at all!)

    Stay NED!!
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    Hey Nudgie,

    I also had a biopsy done a few months ago because of the 7-10 day issue. My gyno finally said that the only thing she could think of was my ovaries not functioning properly due to the past chemo. She started me on BC pills and changed them until finding one that worked. She thought that a few months on the pill could "reset" the ovaries, Maybe.

    Maybe this is the case with you as well? I just moved and intend to find a new doctor and see if they can find any better answers.

    Good to hear that your results are great, though. That is always the important thing.
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    Congrats! Keep the faith and Happy New Year
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    That is great news and a great way to start the new year! Celebrate each day!