Happy New Year

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May the blessings of hope, courage, peace and gratitude sustain each of us in the coming year. Saundra


  • floridajo
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    beautiful thoughts my friend, hope we all get into remission this year and stay there forever....(((hugz)))..Joanne
  • BonnieR
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    Saundra and Lizper, happy New Year to you also.

    God's Peace be with you.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
  • mopar
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    ... and to you, Saundra. And again to everyone - may 2008 be a year of hope, joy and blessings galore!
    Luv and Hugs!
  • lizper
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    BonnieR said:

    Saundra and Lizper, happy New Year to you also.

    God's Peace be with you.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

    Thank you Bonnie all the best for you this coming year. God be with you. Liz
  • lindachris
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    Those four words are my mantra! Much love to all. Chris
  • lady342008
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    Saudra, I'm going through the messages trying to find everyone's messages that wrote back to mine. I want to learn more about you all and found this New Years Wish for everyone. That was SO SWEET OF YOU. :-D I was wondering why God allows sickness and things that everyone is going through. I now believe it's to bring people together the way He intended us to be. Maybe, we aren't coming together in the way He intended and this is His Way of making it happen. In turn... we receive much Love, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Strength, FRIENDSHIP and all the things that make life wonderful to live!!! My eyes are already opening in a new light and I haven't even faced what you all have been through. Talk about getting right to the point with me. WOW......QUICK LESSONS. My heart is open Lord and I'm LISTENING. :-) Saundra, THANK YOU for being a part of this lesson. GOD BLESS YOU!!! :-D