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I had my left lung removed ,an after the surgery I had some different things happen Like My nipple on my left boob was so sore you could not touch it. Another thing I would role over an hear a sloshing sound. I had a Xray done an the Doc showed me the plura was about half full of liquid , he said your your lung is gone an your body replaces it with fluid. Sure enough it took about 2 months an no more sloshing when I roled over.
I did not have any drain tubes after my surgery because they removed my whole lung . I got lucky they did not break any ribs an did not have to remove any ribs. It felt like I was leaning on a coat hanger for about a year an a half. It still gives me some pain ,an seems to be working it's way around to the front.I guess it just work it's way to the middle of my chest an I will wake up one morning and have forgot about it.
Well there is more but I don't want to bore yall share some of your stories .


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    No drain tubes? Lucky you! I had the middle of my right lung removed after a VATS procedure to biopsy the area. That meant two drain tubes, one for each operation. Boy did that ouch coming out the first time! (The second time they cut a nerve and I thought the pain meds had stopped the pain. Still no feeling there!!)And that area that has healed the slowest. It has been over a year and the second drain tube site is still red while the others have started to pale. I have to keep up on the stretching to keep the muscles from seizing up on my right side. Nothing strenuous, just yoga-style stretches to lengthen the muscles. Cardio in the AM also helps reduce pain for about 8 hours or so. Mind you, I got the doctor's okay before I did anything. Good luck!
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    Hey Gregg:

    I had my lower right lobe removed in June 2005 with the minimally invasive surgery so no ribs were broken or removed. I did have a garden hose sized chest tube for 8 days! After about 90 days, I didn't have much pain, just the occasional "hot" nerve pain which is over almost as quick as it happens. I still have numbness at the surgical site after all this time.

    I know this in no way compares to what you went through but, I thought you might like to hear of my experience.

    All the best