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well we made it through Christmas, but today she didn't have a bowel movement, I am a little nervous, she eats mainly liquid/creamy soups and some bread, and remember she came home with a possible whole/perforation in the colon, its been since Dec 2nd since they confirmed this, even though they are amazed that she is still alive with this. She had a full feeling today? not sure if this is good or bad? any suggestions?


  • sladich
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    What a wonderful daughter you are. Your mom is lucky to have you caring for her. I'm not sure what a full feeling would mean but I hope whatever time your mom has left is pain free. Best of luck.

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    Strong woman and it appears to run in the family. I wouldn't pay too much into the feeling of fullness. It could be many things some good like food being processed and some not so good. I hope you can spend as much time with her as she can comfortably spend with you.